Details Matter

Founded in 1985, Custom Craft Builders is the culmination of generations of craftsmanship including five generations of contractors and numerous award-winning designs.

When quality craftsmanship matters, then it matters who you work with! Custom Craft Builders offers custom-crafted building solutions for clients who have a discerning taste and appreciation for pure craftsmanship.

We are the Twin Cities premier solution for new construction, redesigns, and restoration projects.

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The People Matter

It’s a matter of integrity combined with a passion for craftsmanship. And, when you have that winning combination, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

So! The people you work with matter!

The Custom Craft Builders team and its collaborative partners are a diverse group of creative professionals with one common connection—a deep understanding and commitment to quality.

We are proud to work with world-class craftsmen right here in Minnesota! We work with obsessive perfectionists delivering on time and on budget, which can sometimes be a challenge for us, but always a big win for our clients.

Featured Projects

Our Services

High Performance Homes -trans (200×140)
High Performance Home
High Performance Homes is a new-age category of construction for the discerning homeowner. It is the result of years of building science and architectural design evolution that involves different aspects of home design and construction. It combines comfort and craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, energy-efficient utilities, and green building solutions.
Whole Home Renovation
Whole home renovations are our specialty. It takes a special balance of architectural science, a designer’s eye, and sound craftsmanship to take on a property from head-to-toe.  From foundation to rooftop, our team can help determine the stability of the property and project long-term viability resulting in amazing results for the property owner.
High Performance Homes -trans (200×140)
Custom Remodeling
Whether you need an addition to your property, an open space finished, or a current living space re-imagined and designed with high-quality materials and those special finishing touches, Custom Home Builders is your go-to builder for custom-finished basements, new additions, and remodeled kitchens, bathrooms and more.
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Design Consultations
When you need professional insight and guidance from a trusted local builder, look to one with over 5 generations of experience, proven results, and award-winning designs.

You need to reach out to Custom Craft Builders.

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