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With anything custom, experience is everything, and that’s never been more true than in the custom building and remodeling world.

Our business has been built on five generations of family history in the construction industry. In 1985, Fred Comb founded Custom Craft Builders as a fourth-generation contractor, and his son, John, took the reigns in 2008, bringing the fifth generation of quality contractors to the mix.

With our experience in the construction industry, you can be confident we will help you make your custom-crafted home design plans and dreams come to life.

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Located in Stillwater
John Comb
Owner & Fifth-Generation Contractor

John Comb

Details Matter – It’s not just a business slogan, it is a way of life for John… and his team.

As a fifth-generation contractor, building is simply part of John’s DNA. Through his upbringing in the industry and his decade running Custom Craft Builders, John has learned that what clients want more than anything, is to hire a company that cares as much about the little details as they do.

John’s philosophy on construction work is part engineer, part artist, part project management — and 100% craftsmanship. And he brings a calm, cool attitude to the usually tense world of construction; something noticed by clients and much appreciated by everyone he works with.

A firm believer in the value of a day’s work, John is a frequent supporter of making the trades more accessible and appealing to the younger generation as well as a huge supporter of women in trades. Our way of life is not simply to hire great people but to create a team of great people who work well together and encompass the most expanse group of skill and ability.

On a more personal note, John is an avid outdoorsman, amateur chef, and craftsman at heart. It’s his love of nature, raw materials, and creativity that bring a special point of view and dedication to each project he works on.

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Sneak Peak at a birdseye view of a massive Stillwater project – New Addition and Remodel